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The era in which a man carrying a briefcase and knocking on your door to sell encyclopedias has passed.
Have you thought about walls that could be wallpapered with the advertisements that are distributed on the corners?
The word will never go out of fashion but images...images quintuple their value, sextuple it, septuple it and elevate it to the square, to the cube and to the sky!​

Stop carrying briefcases and newsletters and advertise with us. We record corporate videos, advertisements and events. We assure you that the ink and the words will flow, but through the eyes of your clients.​
Video making of shotting AW16 "Desigual"
Video for the "Tiendeo" App
Virtual reality kids spot for "Giromax"
Corporate for "Buenas Migas"
Spot for "Sapristi"(Buyers Card)
Spot "Tufo Cards" by "Magico Editions"
Video for "Sapristi" (International Day of Play)
Promotional video "ACE Foundation"
Promotional Video for "Smalle Technologies"
Video event in "El Passatge". Murmuri Hotel
Video for Celtics at the "Mobile Congress"


Making of show - "Jorge Fdez-Hidalgo" School
Promotional video for "Impetux"
Coralua Trondheim International Choir Festival
Promotional video "Tiendeo"
AECC Catalunya against Cancer
WebSpot for "Jorge Fdez-Hidalgo" School
Video campaign "Prevention of Zika" - REPELBITE
Video "Pessebres Vivents Poble Espanyol"
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