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What's wrong with you? How are people going to know that you are a great actor? How is the world going to find out about your acting skills if they don't see you in action?
The pressure that exists in castings is well known, so why not accompany your applications with a good cover letter?

At MARMELADA PRODUCCIONES we take care of preparing your VIDEOBOOK.
We record it, we edit it and let it be your job to win over that tough casting director...

We don't promise you the Oscar but who knows... maybe there is a succulent role out there for you.
Let yourself be seen! Come make your VIDEOBOOK!

We leave you a small sample of our videobooks. You can see many more in the following link


Videobook. Georgina Latre

VideobookHelena Miguel

VideobookMartin Brassesco​

VideobookCarles Arquimbau

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